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Q: Are your products Post-2017 and forward compliant?:

A: NO - All of our products are pre-2017 compliant parts. This means that if you purchased or built an AR-15 style firearm on or after January 1st  2017, our products WILL NOT make your firearm California compliant and therefore should not be used.

If your AR-15 style firearm was purchased or built prior to January 1st 2017, and it has the original Bullet Button or Mag-Lock installed, you can continue to use our products until July 1st, 2018.

If you have registered your AR-15 style firearm as a Bullet Button Assault Weapon pursuant to Penal Code 30900(b), you may continue to use our products in the same manner as you have been.

Magnetic magazine tools such as the Mag-Tool® should NEVER be left inside the Bullet Button or Mag-Lock  while the AR-15 style firearm is in California. Magnetic magazine release tools are only meant to facilitate the removal of the magazine and not intended to covert the magazine lock into a regular magazine release button.


Q: Will your company make 2017 and forward compliant parts?:

A: At this time, we have no desire to continue to design and manufacture AR-15 compliant parts. Unfortunately, California politicians have made it extremely difficult for law-bidding citizens to own AR-15 style firearms by adding new legislation which restricts the ownership and possession of these types of weapons. We are no longer interested in being involved in the ongoing 2nd amendment battle with the state’s government.   


AR Mag-Tools will not be held liable for the use or misuse of our products. It is the Customer’s responsibility to know their state firearm laws and also ultimately responsible for the way they decide to use any  of our products. Per our counsel’s advice, AR Mag-Tool will not provide legal advice or answer questions regarding the legality  aspect of our products. Some of the information listed above is solely  our opinion and interpretation of California’s firearm laws. If you need legal advice contact an attorney who specializes in your state firearm laws.


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